Cloud Data Steward

The Cloud Data Governance Manager / Data Steward role is responsible for the establishment and implementation of data governance and data classification for our new data lake. Their responsibilities include data management that consists of data cataloging, defining, and documenting data definitions in a business glossary, metadata management, and the creation and maintenance of data classification and standards. Data Stewards will assist in conducting data lineage, deriving business rules (attributes, calculations, derivations, etc.), understanding data attributes’ purpose and utilization, and contributing and maintaining metrics for measuring data quality. Your role ensures PeopleReady’s data supports varying business needs and complies with regulatory requirements, maintaining consistent data quality so that the data consumers can effectively leverage our data.


  • Performs data profiling and data cataloging to perform data classification.
  • Leads detailed evaluation of data quality and identifies anomalies and discrepancies compared to data standards.
  • Provides subject matter expertise to understand the root cause of data quality issues and partners with appropriate teams to implement corrective action.
  • Supports Data Architect in defining logical metadata for data sources across data acquisition, data integration, data curation, and data presentation layers.
  • Supports the Data Lakehouse Team and partners with Information Security in the creation of data security models and strategies across multiple layers of the data infrastructure stack (i.e. Databases, Reporting, etc.) based on data classifications.

Define roles and responsibilities related to data governance and ensure clear accountability for stewardship of the company’s principal information assets

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